How to use Marysol's Hardwax ?


Wax should start to soften around sides. Do not melt completely. Wax should be thick in consistency and have a center island of non-melted wax. To test wax , dip the applicator into wax, if it runs off the spatula it is too hot, it should remain on the spatula. Before starting to apply Marysol® Hard Wax, test wax temperature  by applying a small amount on the inside of your wrist

1.- APPLY TALCUM POWDER Cleanse area to be epilated with Talcum powder, degreasing or lotion or Astringent Gel 

2.- APPLY WAX Apply with pressure a generous amount of Wax on skin with the applicator. Spread quickly to create a thin layer;try to leave a tab at the bottom so formed strip can be pulled from the angle. Wax dries in seconds so we must take off fast, check if it's ready by tapping with the fingers, if they don't stick, Its time to pull out.

3.- PULL OUT HORIZONTALLY When the Hard Wax Marysol® still be flexible, pull the borders out. After a few seconds, remove by holding skin taut and pulling formed strip in opposite direction of hair growth, keeping formed strip close to skin.

4.- CALM WITH PRESSURE Apply pressure with the hand on the epilated area to calm the pain

5.- REMOVE RESIDUE with the back part of the strip.

6.-APPLY POST-EPILATORIES Condition the skin with Aloe Dermagel Marysol® o Cucumber Milk Marysol®